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Letters to Love Has Won

Find heartfelt notes to members of Love Has Won here. More are being submitted every day!  If you would like to submit a message, please go to the Connect page. 

To Gabriel:


We all miss you so much. It’s been 2 1/2 years since you left your life here. So many things have happened since your departure. You have a nephew now. He’s never met you, your beautiful niece will be 6 in a week. Both are in school. Your nephew Ramon reminds me a lot of you at age 2, full of energy and charisma. Camila is an excellent singer and dancer, and is so smart she leaves you speechless. She always asks about you. We try to keep memories of you going, she doesn’t understand why you left her. Pixie had puppies and she and her son run around the house all day. I’ve been dealing with some physical problems and recovering from foot surgery, soon I will need a knee replacement too. I get sad when I think what’s happening to our country, and I have lost many friends recently. I pray for you every night for your safety and health. I know there is nothing I can say to deter you from your mission, just remember I’m here for you if you ever decide to return to us. I love you so much son and only want the best for you. 

-Tu Mamá

Hi Tim,

I hope this message finds you well.
I really need your help!  My windows are in a horrible state, in and out, and I really can't get them sparkly clean like you do.
Plus it would be nice to visit with you !
I was able to go on a lot of hikes with Baily and your mom this summer.
Baily is such a good dog!
I am sure both miss you as well.
Yesterday we woke up to a snow covered ground, BRRRR!
Trees down everywhere blocking the roads.
It has been hard opening the schools again but we are doing our best.
Otherwise all is well with us, you take care and stay healthy and strong.

Love You.
Lell and Thomas

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You are loved more than you know. You’re so smart, so funny, and have so much to offer this world...always keep moving forward.

You are a daughter, sister, granddaughter, step sister, niece, cousin, friend and a best friend.  We miss you.


Love, Mom

To the Love Has Won group who were on Kaua’i: 


You are loved and missed by your families. Our true intentions while you were on Kaua’i may have been lost with noise between both sides, but our real intentions were to get you help to get back to your children, family and friends who are worried about you. 


This is why we held hands and gave pule to Ke Akua for you. 


Stacy- go back to your precious girls. They need their mother. That love is the greatest love provided to you. 


We lift you up daily in the hopes that you will be reunited soon. 


Only Aloha, 


Wainiha Community mothers and daughters

Dear Timmo!!


I hope it is ok to use your childhood nickname!  When I close my eyes and imagine you as a little boy this is what I see: blond hair, gorgeous smile, sitting on Jill’s lap with curiosity and joy oozing out of your pores.  Camping, catching frogs at String Lake—swimming at Astoria and Kelly Warm Springs. 
I am sad I missed most of your growing up years in the Valley.  The last time we saw each other was in Jackson and I remember so well that lovely day we spent together—breakfast at Noras and talking about your love of ceramics.  Your new, fragile sobriety.  I have the vase you gave me on my bookshelf here in my home.  I know you to have a brilliant mind and a truth seeking nature.  I know you to be creative and eager to be in touch with that part of your soul.  I know you to have a wonderful and loving family. 
I would love to continue to know you as an adult.  Please remember that I am always here if you ever need anything or even a person to listen….I sorta do that for a living!!  Stay in touch and know we love you!
Lots of Love—

Dear Ashley,


I hope you are well.

I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. 

We miss the times we used to spend together. I hope one day you will return and we can have our talks and laugh about the old days.


Please stay safe,


Hey Abi, my best friend,

I still think of you as my best friend even though we haven’t seen each other or really spoken that much in 5 years.


I hope you are happy and are completing your mission in life. I always knew you would change the world.


You definitely made me a better person, I truly believe I am who I am today because of you. You were the one that took me travelling and opened my eyes to the life that exists outside of our little bubble.


You are loved by everyone. You are the most caring, brave, intelligent and strong person I have ever met. I have so many amazing memories with you! I still talk about you often to the new friends I meet because we have so many experiences together. You are such a big part of my life and I still have hope that one day we will have more adventures together. I miss you, a lot.


I will always be here for you, and I truly mean that.  


Dear Bobby,


I know your soul. I know your heart. I know you feel that you have been called for a greater mission and existence. Your passion and energy have been absorbed by the need to serve Mother God. I have watched, listened, and disagreed with you while you continue your journey.


I want you to know how very much I love you. I miss our conversations, I miss our debates, and I miss you. You are a lightworker and a kindred spirit and that fact will never change. What can change is the position you hold in this universe.


You can be an incredible mother to your beautiful son. You have shown that Leo is your entire soul and existence. Until now. He needs you to be his mom. He needs your guidance and love. All children of love need these things. You have said before that Mother God is your first and foremost priority. But Leo always has been, and always will be.


I hope that you can come home, continue your lightwork with an organization that truly supports love, and show your beautiful boy the love and direction that a mother should. You can always come home. Life is fluid and you can take your journey wherever you need. Please just provide a stable and loving atmosphere for him. Helping others does not suck energy from you. Helping others creates loving energy that we all should aspire to give.


You have a family that loves you unconditionally. You have friends that would give the world for you. You have soul mates in this life that need you back. Please consider coming home to those who love and need you."



Dear Barb/Bobby,


You run across an agate in the rock pile every once in while. You look, wait, and hope that THIS one will be it. When you finally find one, you hold on to it forever. You might put it away, in a drawer, for some time but, when you find it again, you remember every minute of the day you found it. How hard you looked, how exciting it was, and how much joy it brought you. YOU ARE MY AGATE!


We are all grown up now and we don't have to agree on everything. We lead different lives and have our own individual passions. But when I think of you.... all the laughter, joy, and love floods back in and I simply smile! Thank you for being my agate all these years!


I hope this letter finds you well. Safe, happy, and ready to rock the world. I love you, your spirit, and your charisma.  Always and forever, NANDO "come together, right now..." (Well, you know the rest.) 


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