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Love Has Won's Belief System

Spaceship Landing on Earth

UPDATE: In early hours of April 29, 2021, law enforcement raided Love Has Won's mission house in Moffat, Colorado and discovered a decomposing corpse.  It is believed that the body, wrapped in a sleeping bag and decorated with string lights and glitter, is that of LHW leader, Amy Carlson, or "Mother God."  Seven members of the group were arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse, as minors were present in the home. An investigation is currently underway.


Followers of Love Has Won believe that God is a woman and that she has returned to Earth in human form to save humanity from dark forces known as "The Cabal." Amy Carlson, who disciples call "Mother God," does this with the help of Jason Castillo, or "Father God," and her spiritual guides, deceased comedian Robin Williams and St. Germain, whom she talks to, aloud, often. "Mother God" and her team known as the First Contact Ground Crew Team, warn that ascension is imminent, and when she finally brings in the New Earth, those who refuse to recognize Carlson as God will be recycled into the sun. Only the 144,000 who worship her will be allowed to live on the New Earth known as 5D. It is said that when Amy ascends, she will do so via a starship or a portal in the ocean.

According to Love Has Won's own website, "Mother created herself from the energies of love and The Unknown." She birthed every soul, (including Father God and Father of the Multiverse), and all the stars, planets, galaxies, etc. before undergoing voluntary amnesia and returning to Earth to clean up the "failed experiment" known as free will.


After being separated from "Father God" for 19 billion human years, the "Prime Source Creator" and her twin flame have finally reunited to bring balanced harmonics to the planet and achieve heaven on Earth. LHW states that "God can do anything within Universal Law," but up until this current lifetime, "Mom's" plans have been repeatedly foiled by "The Cabal," forcing her to reincarnate over and over again. It was during these past lives that the self- proclaimed god "discovered that the ego programmed mind" was responsible for holding everyone back from 5D. By eliminating the E.G.O, or negative traits embedded in us by "The Cabal," Amy asserts that the New Earth can finally be achieved.

LHW preaches that the E.G.O programmed mind, which stands for Edging God Out, "is made up of life draining frequencies," like "wanting to follow or be followed," "robotic habits and behavior," "superiority" and more. The team believes E.G.O to be the cause of all conflict here on Earth, a direct result of "White Trash Programming," and promises that the only way to dissolve these lower frequencies is by undergoing etheric "surgeries" and sessions. "The etheric surgery involves Mother of All Creation...clearing out any and all inorganic material that may have been acquired from vaccinations, genetically modified foods, fluoride, chemtrails…" etc. Modern medicine, the education system, counseling and therapy, vegetarianism and veganism are all considered evil, and methods of control invented by "The Cabal." It is only after these life-altering surgeries and sessions, that the body will begin to expel microchips and other materials embedded within humans to enslave them. The Ascension Guide, which is a document sent to someone after they pay for a surgery, states that zits, flatulence, and belching are just a few ways this will happen. 


WATCH A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO THE RELIGION OF AMY CARLSON BELOW. (Warning: This video contains graphic language.)

"Some photos used on this website were found directly on or the group's public Facebook page."

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