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Mission to Uncover the Truth: Former ‘First Contact Ground Crew Team’ Member Speaks Out

"...I told her that I was not sure if she was a real mother god because not much change was coming to the world via the FCGCT... We would go and investigate what was going on..."

I put my story in several parts as this is how I have structured the “adventure” with the cult in my mind.

PART I First Contact With The Chat

Just before Christmas 2014, I went to have a look on the internet for an active spiritual chat. (To get the opportunity to chat with like-minded folks.) I found the First Contact Ground Crew Team in my results. I saw only one person in chat and a message that there would be a live stream later in the U.S.A. timezone. I live in the Netherlands. New Year 2015 I got on the chat during a live stream and I was just checking what was going on. I saw a YouTube video playing. (Which was very cool.) I saw some people online and thought that was nice, even though I didn’t see myself going on a cam yet. There were energetic implant removals during the live stream and, of course, I was interested by that. I underwent the implant removal some nights later. I got told I have an angel chip in my body and that some implants were removed. I had my cold shower afterwards. (The cold shower was obligatory with the implant removal.) A cold shower can be very healthy for the immune system of our bodies and hence I felt better immediately after it. I actually wondered if there were really any implants removed, however I was impressed and happy to believe I got an angel chip inside my (etherical) body. What kept me going to the chat was the opportunity to chat with like-minded people and the fun vibe of music rotation with YouTube Videos on the chat.

PART II Incarnation Of An Archangel?

I noticed that myself and some other people were talking most in chat to contribute to other chatters, and Amy noticed that too. One by one she asked us if we were the incarnations of archangels. For me, she asked about Raphael. There was already an AA Michael, Uriel, Gabriel (who left a few weeks after), Zadkiel (who left within a few weeks after), another Zadkiel (like a month later), Haniel, and Ariel. This is just a few I remember. I felt like saying yes. It felt really good to make good use of healing abilities. I figured that I hadn’t figured out myself yet and that Amy knew more than I did, or any other of the “new” archangels. I had gotten the feeling that we were in some spiritual reunion to create something great for our beautiful Mother Earth. Later I found out that my mindset was all fuzzed up, because I smoked cannabis every night then. Also, a member in the house with Amy suddenly left the community and told me that he didn’t agree with the stuff happening there. We were made mods in the Tinychat channel of First Contact Ground Crew Team and we were able to play music videos on chat. A lot of people liked it. More people started showing up in chat. Sometimes we would reach an amount of 100+ chatters during live streams, if I remember correctly, maybe even more. It all happened really fast. It seemed like destiny. I loved the attention and care for myself and other members, while also intending to bring awareness to people’s questions and focusing on their own power. I did not talk with Amy much, I spoke more with the then current father god, who was nothing like the current father god. (Who acts like an asshole in my point of view.) By this time the AA Gabriel and Zadkiel had left. 1 wasn’t allowed by his parents to go on the chat and the other said he had other stuff to do. Shortly after that, someone else was asked if she was the new incarnation of AA Zadkiel and she said yes. I found it not easy to believe that, and questions started to pop up in myself about what was going on.

PART III A Relevant Side Story

During this short period I met a lady on the chat by the name of Alisha (she now uses another name on social media) and was offered free hypnotherapy sessions. During the session she asked me to go into hypnosis with her to find out if I really am AA Raphael. I was open to this and when I asked if I am Raphael I got a NO, but then something, my mind (or perhaps someone) took over. I told her I got a yes. I was now buying into the lie that I was the incarnation of an archangel. (For the record, I was still smoking cannabis daily, and even more since I first joined the chat. I am not one to lie about things when I am sober. I don’t do drugs anymore. Don’t do drugs kids, it takes away your awareness of all your life’s hopes, dreams and goals.) Alisha then told me that she was thinking she was the incarnation of Mother Earth and that she just found out (like the other archangels and I did). To me this sounded like life had something in store for Earth and that I was part of a big change for whole humanity. She asked me about my opinion of Amy. I told her that I was not sure if she was a real mother god because not much change was coming to the world via the FCGCT, besides the chat. We would go and investigate what was going on. And so I went on a mission to find that out. (Later I found out that Alisha was an extreme person, her husband left her and her brother stopped all contact. In the end I have experienced that it would've always been My Way Or The Highway with her, because she was the incarnation of Gaia and kinda got lost there in my opinion.) On YouTube I had found a dedicated music video to Robin Williams (Seize The Day by MelodySheep) and I played it often in the chat. It inspired many on the chat and made them laugh and talk about their dreams and goals. Amy, out of nowhere, said that Robin Williams had joined her team and the whole attention about Robin would go to her instead of the members in Tinychat. I didn’t fully believe it, but I went along with her story. I started to ask questions about Robin all the time to hear what she would have to say. It was almost an ego vs ego fight. I was ready to take the cult down. I didn’t really believe all of FCGCT anymore. I found out Amy’s real name. She was not fond of sharing her name. She told everyone the story that she had left her rich father and family at a young age. She didn’t want to have to do anything with money. She would live in the woods and find out she was an ultimate mother god of all of creation. (Also Sofia, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Jesus and probably many more.)

PART IV No Contribution For Our Planet

A few weeks, maybe a month, passed and I noticed that besides the energetic surgeries, not much was contributed to our planet. Of course we had fun on the chat, but I wanted to do more to create the change I believe is possible for all of us on this beautiful planet. I talked about this with the other FCGCT members. (not the ‘regular chatters’) The members in the house would discuss this with Amy. Then, supposedly, Light entities entered the chat. They would just login without a physical body. They were elementals and had names like Pinky and Green. I did not really buy into the fact and started asking the members in the house how Amy contacted these “elementals.” In the end one of them told me that they, the members themselves, were chatting as elementals, and he would leave the house soon after that. He saw through the “freak show” that was going on. I also got banned in the chat by Amy for no reason, later I found out that she saw me as a threat. She was afraid that her community would find out she was just as ordinary as anyone. Freak show? Yes. Most of the times when Amy and her FG were online, they would be drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis. I smoked cannabis too then. I enjoyed smoking together, which led me to keep at least believing a little that I was an incarnation of an archangel. However as time went by, I identified less and less with the name. Especially when I was told it was all a fake "freak show". This confirmed my own intuition. I would tell my father and also my meditation teacher (during class) that I had the idea of being an incarnation of the archangel Raphael. I needed some grounded feedback from them. I just knew that I was wrong in thinking I was an incarnation of an archangel. I am me and that is sufficient. They didn’t judge me, but would just look at me. That was enough for me to know I had made a wrong decision in believing to be the incarnation of archangel Raphael. The member who told me about the “freak show” suggested we gather around some members in the house and active members in the chat to put a light unto the deceit and lies. That member soon hacked the tinychat and put it down. A lot of commotion happened online in the community, but before long another tinychat was set up with the new name LoveHasWon. (The ex-member who hacked the tinychat would’ve been a test for mother god and her love beings, according to Amy.) Myself, the ex-member, and the rest of the rebellion would gather in the old chatroom (with password protection) and we would ask the members in the new chatroom to leave the community, because of all lies and deceit. Amy found out and she would tell the community not to believe the lies of the “rebellion”. Another member in the house, after a long private talk, believed us and decided to leave the house to start his own foundation to support the earth. The rebelling ex-members decided it was time to put an end to the second chatroom. Some of the members chose to go back to Amy and her LoveHasWon community instead.

PART V My Parting with Love Has Won

One of the returning members and two others, decided they were going to the house of the group. (Were they asked by Amy?) One of the trio was told by Amy that he was the real 'father god,' and he shared that with me. I did not know how to respond to that, but I always wished him best. I also knew he was clever enough not to fall into the mind control again. When the trio arrived, Amy told him that she changed her mind and he would not be father god. (So corrupt!!) He told me he would stay in the house and see what would happen. (After leaving Amy’s LoveHasWon community, he chose to found a community based on unity and wisdom, without being a guru.) The second chat was also hacked and the “rebellion” kept on checking for new chat rooms on the website of LoveHasWon. Then we found out that there was a new Skype member’s chat. By that time I had distanced myself completely from the community. I decided I had done my job by co-creating the downfall of the tinychats. I thought their new Skype chat would dissolve really soon. How silly of me to think that would happen.

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