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Suspicious Fundraising & Financial Control

Credit Card

Amy Carlson and her team speak frequently about the continued efforts to fight the "dark forces." One unique method "Mother God" uses to battle evil is by playing games on her cell phone. Followers are encouraged to donate to a game fund, ensuring "Mom" can freely download apps like Cooking Diaires, Sims and Monopoly without limitation. says, "MoM has been guided by the Galactic Federation to play games on Her phone, to take Her attention away from the Pain and so She may push energies further. Often what MoM does in the games happens in real life!"

The team preaches daily about money and its lack of importance to those above 3D programming. They repeatedly state that hoarding money is wrong, and press followers to return resources to "Mother God" by turning over social security benefits, cashing in 401k's, and donating to their surplus of GoFundMe fundraisers. Currently, LHW is raising money for a $7.5 million, 40-acre property in California, Crystal Schools (with curriculum centered around crystals and pure joy), a Tilt-a-Whirl ("Mom's" favorite festival ride), a new Garden of Eden, and a motorhome for "Mother God." It is important to note that the first ever crystal school has been in the early stages of development since 2016.  When asked for specific details or a timeline of this project, Love Has Won members say that efforts continually fall behind schedule due to money supposedly being stolen out from under the mattress where it was placed for safe keeping.

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Love Has Won is diligent in their efforts to "make that bread for Mama," boasting an apparel line and homemade products like "Magical Colloidal Elixirs," candles, supplements, and more through Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials. In addition to claiming their products cure all types of cancer, the group received a warning from the FDA in 2020 when they claimed, in the midst of a global pandemic, that their colloidal silver also cured Covid-19.  


Watch a behind the scenes video on how one of their products is made here

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