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Video Evidence & More: Straight from the Source

The LHW team is determined to saturate social media with news of "Mother God" and her mission, flooding Facebook and YouTube with hours of video footage and updates 24/7. Currently, Love Has Won interacts via live streams twice a day, participates in private chats, and uploads blogs or fundraising efforts via their website every few hours. Their mission statement reads, "We Are Rainbow Warriors Of Love. Choosing To Be Love In Action..." 


When deciding whether Love Has Won practices what they preach, it is imperative to review the videos posted by the group itself. Find video evidence straight from the source, as well as more information regarding the group's conduct below.


WARNING: The following content, which was shared publicly by Love Has Won, may be considered disturbing and inappropriate to some, if not all, viewers.

For more video evidence, visit our YouTube channel! 


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All Videos

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