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Media Coverage of LHW

Find links to articles, documentaries, podcasts and more covering Love Has Won here.

News Articles
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September 20, 2021 - Alamosa News

News Clips
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After the body of Amy Carlson was found the religious group "Love Has Won" went silent online, but recently they have reappeared online with a new name, calling themselves "5D Full Disclosure".

Documentaries & Specials
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The Love Has Won cult has operated out of Crestone, Colorado for the past 15 years. Vanessa discusses the Love Has Won Cult in depth, including the reign and mysterious death of cult leader, Amy Carlson, with special guests Mike King from Profiling Evil, Amanda from Rising Above LHW, Andrew, former Father God and cult member,

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Love may have won...just don't serve her meatballs.


CW: Depictions of animal abuse, alcohol abuse, and verbal abuse (footage via Love Has Won).

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